Intern Testimonials

Rhinebeck Equine Intern Testimonials

“Internship provided a diverse clinical experience that proved to be an excellent foundation for pursuing residency training. The ambulatory component encourages forethought, practicality, and the development of client communication skills. 

The in-hospital rotations expose you to intensive medical cases, including a high neonatal caseload, as well as advanced surgical techniques. The opportunity to work alongside a boarded ophthalmologist and theriogenologist provides well-rounded training.”

Kelly Knickelbein, VMD

2015-2016 Intern

Ophthalmology Resident, UC Davis

“The Rhinebeck Equine internship is well-rounded, including hospital and ambulatory rotations, and features top-notch mentorship from senior veterinarians with distinct clinical interests who are supportive and compassionate educators, while allowing the intern to develop autonomy and confidence in their own clinical judgment to prepare them for the next step in their career.”

Jesse Tyma, DVM, DACVS

2014-2015 Intern

Large Animal Surgery Resident, University of Georgia

"My internship at Rhinebeck Equine was beyond incredible. The large and varied caseload provided wonderful experience and challenged me to become a better veterinarian, and the doctors, technicians, and staff are all one of a kind. Whether you are planning to enter ambulatory practice or pursue a residency program, this internship program will prepare you for your future as an equine veterinarian." 

Alicia Long, DVM

2016-2017 Intern

Internal Medicine Resident, University of Pennsylvania

“During my internship, I developed advanced diagnostic and technical skills and established a solid foundation in ambulatory medicine. The professional mentorship is outstanding both during and beyond the internship year. I can always count on my mentors there for consultation on a difficult case, or for support and guidance on my career path. The internship year is a rigorous one, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. I truly loved the people at Rhinebeck- the friends, colleagues, and mentors I gained through that experience are invaluable.”

Sarah Jo Luby, VMD

2014-2015 Intern

Ambulatory Associate, Haymarket Veterinary Service

"I can't speak highly enough of my internship at Rhinebeck Equine. The diverse caseload and balance of mentorship and independence provided excellent preparation for a theriogenology residency, and now in private practice I am so grateful for the strong foundation in emergency medicine and general practice."

Lauren Pasch, DVM, DACT

2015-2016 Intern

Theriogenologist, Rhinebeck Equine

“An excellent well-rounded internship that gives interns much needed hands-on experience in surgery, medicine, and ambulatory.  It is one of the few in the country that gives the interns exposure to all aspects of equine practice.  The doctors are great teachers and on completion of the internship, interns feel very comfortable and confident going into practice. It is a great internship for those looking to apply for residencies or to work as a general ambulatory clinician.  I could not speak more highly of it.”

Alyssa Struzyna, VMD

2013-2014 Intern

Ambulatory Associate, Walnridge Equine Clinic

“A well-rounded internship that provided me the skills, support system, and experiences to be a confident equine general practitioner.”

Ruthie Lindberg, VMD

2014-2015 Intern

Founder, Pinewood Equine

“My internship at Rhinebeck Equine was invaluable in developing me into the veterinarian I am today.  I was able to learn the tenets of excellent veterinary medicine from wonderful mentors, many of whom remain trusted colleagues and friends to this day.”

Liz Fish, DVM

2008-2009 Intern

Veterinarian, US Army Reserve

“The training I received at Rhinebeck Equine prepared me for a rigorous residency in reproduction and a subsequent faculty position in Field Service through its rotating set-up, varied caseload, and excellent mentorship.”

Jenn Linton, VMD, DACT

2012-2013 Intern

Associate, BW Furlong & Associates

“If you are looking for an internship that has a large and varied caseload, five-star facilities, let’s you have case responsibility while being supported, then Rhinebeck Equine is for you. More importantly you really are part of the Rhinebeck family, not just another intern, and you will make friends that you will have forever. I honestly could not have imagined a better internship. Whether you want to specialize or do general practice, this internship is for everyone.”

Shelly Topham, BvSC

2014-2015 Intern

Ambulatory Associate, Wyong Equine Clinic

“The internship fosters excellent mentorship and an environment to be an independent, well-rounded veterinarian. I had a great year working with and learning from fantastic veterinarians, technicians, and staff. The Rhinebeck internship was one of the main reasons I secured my top choice of residency programs.”

Laura Dunbar, DVM, DACVIM

2012-2013 Intern

Clinical Instructor in Equine Internal Medicine, Ohio State University

“I can honestly say that my internship at Rhinebeck has been the most valuable learning experience of my veterinary career; it was an intense but fun year and I made friends and colleagues that I still stay in touch with.”

Lisa Bethune, DVM

2015-2016 Intern

Ambulatory Associate, Essex Equine

“My year at Rhinebeck Equine was incredible. The amazing veterinarians turned me from a student into a veterinarian which was a fairly painstaking process. The doctors are so dedicated to being mentors and to building up the new graduate. As interns, you are not asked to work as technicians and are valued as doctors. The perfect balance was struck between giving us enough freedom to learn and enough supervision to be safe. I would not trade this internship for any other program. “

Amanda Watkins, VMD

2016-2017 Intern

Large Animal Surgery Resident, University of Pennsylvania


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  • "Dr. Sotela is fantastic and has always been incredibly kind and patient with my mare, Mira. In May, Mira had to have surgery at the clinic for a soft tissue sequestrum. Dr Gus and the staff were wonderful to deal with."
    Danielle Meenan Heaney
  • "We love Rhinebeck Equine and their vets and staff. They've been our equine vets for about 30 years and we love working with them."
    Thorunn Kristjansdottir
  • "Amazing facility with awesome staff. My friend had a horse who needed surgery and they were awesome the entire time. We hung out in their waiting room. Staff was friendly and talkative, and let us play with their dog. Dr. Gus is a great surgeon!"
    Hanna Gavel